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Hi guys here is another Full Body Workout.

You will only need 27 minutes to do it. 

Repeat all exercises (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9) X2

Then Stretch with 10

Below are a couple of tips for each exercise: 

1- Squat: 

Focus on breathing deeply and moving your entire body. Try not to squat too deep in the first minute. Keep you abs contracted and your chest open. 

2- Scissors: 

Rotate from the waist. The elbow doesn’t have to touch the knee, just focus on the rotation. 

3- Heel Lifts:

The movement is done from a squat position, so it’s important that you try to maintain it during the heel lifts. Search for a position that allows you to execute the movement with safety but remember to challenge yourself. 

Option: Keep the hands on the waist

4- Knee To Elbow / Leg Lift: 

From Downward Dog bring your knee towards your elbow and curl your back, looking to your belly. 

When extending  the leg up push the floor with your hands. Keep your abs engaged all the time. 

5- Front Kick / Lunge: 

Engage you abs for balance. Kick low. 

Option: When doing the lunge the hand doesn’t  touch the floor

6- Squat / Lunge: 

The weight of your body will be on your heels. Keep your abs strong and chest open. 

Option: Don’t squat too low. When doing the lunge the hand doesn’t touch the floor. 

7- Open Leg Rocker: 

This one is a challenge! This movement is all about control. Focus on your abs. Curl your back and look to your belly when rolling back and when sitting open your chest and look forward. 

Option: Keep you legs bent to a 90 degree angle

8- Swimming: 

Engaged your butt and abs. Look forward. Keep your chest off the floor. 

9- Tricep / Cobra: 

This movement is like a dive. When doing the tricep keep your chest next to the floor. For cobra contract your butt and abs and it’s important you keep your legs and feet on the floor. Keep your shoulders relaxed and away from your ears. 

10- Half Circle Pose: 

This beautiful stretch opens and stretches the whole side of the body from foot to fingers. Half circle also opens the chest and the hips and stimulates the respiratory and nervous systems.

Be gentile when putting the supporting hand on the floor, if you can ‘t reach the floor whit your palm put only your fingertips. 

Try to keep your chest open. 

Hope you enjoy it! I’m here if you need any extra tip.

Stay Fit, Stay Well! 


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Stretching over thousands of acres of olive groves and forests in the Umbrian hills; Castello Di Reschio Luxury Villas in Umbria, Italy has been restored from secluded ancient farmhouses to contemporary guest houses. (part one - exterior shots)

There are 9 houses on the estate.  Each Reschio house comes with the following basics:

  • High speed wireless broadband
  • An infinity pool with pool and garden maintenance
  • Daily housekeeping
  • A fully stocked larder and fridge on arrival
  • Cupboards filled with fresh towels and linen
  • Large, soft pool towels
  • Ortigia bathroom products
  • Access to everything on the estate, including drivers, chefs, stables, shopping service, and estate Osteria and Bottega.
  • 24hr helpline to the estate offices
  • Audio visual systems

For all booking enquiries please contact Liz at the Estate Office:

Tabaccaia di Reschio - 06060 Lisciano Niccone (PG) Italia


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Cavatelli lunghi with roasted tomatoes + Melville

Serves 2 as a main course

1 carton of heirloom cherry tomatoes, large ones cut in half, small left whole

at least one small head of garlic, roasted whole, or smashed, left in the skin

2 T olive oil + more for drizzling

a handful of basil leaves

220 g cavatelli lunghi, garganelli, or penne

at least ½ a block of Melville, cut into cubes

salt and pepper

1. Wash tomatoes and pour out onto a large rimmed sheet pan. Add garlic. Pour over 2 T olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Mix to coat. Top with a few basil leaves. Roast in a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes, checking at least once, halfway through, to stir.

2. Boil a large pot of water and salt to taste like the sea. Taste the water to be sure.  When the water reaches a rolling boil, add your pasta and cook until al dente. I recommend cooking two minutes less than the package instructions if you are using dried.

3. Meanwhile, prepare a large bowl with the roasted tomatoes; squeeze the roasted garlic from its skin and add to the bowl as well.  Keep your cubes of Melville, basil, salt and pepper nearby.

4. Drain the pasta, reserving a cup of pasta water just in case the sauce is dry.

5. Add pasta to the bowl with your roasted tomatoes + garlic, add pasta water if necessary, and mix. Sprinkle in your cubes of Melville and mix. The Melville should melt just enough. Drizzle with more olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste. Plate and top with fresh basil leaves. 

This is delicious, warm, cold or at room temperature.

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Anonymous asked: Recommended reads??


The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. SalingerIt shows you what a teenager thinks. His fears, what does he loves and how can they react.

On the Road, Jack KerouacThe author can make you feel that you are traveling on the routes of United States in late 40s. He can make you feel free.

High Fidelity, Nick HornbyI love music and this is a perfect book for music lovers. In the end, is a book about love, but in the middle of it is full of songs.

Ham on Rye, Charles BukowskiHank is one of my favorites writers (his poetry is amazing) and this is an autobiography. Every anecdote makes us understand why Bukowski thinks as he does.

A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway: This book narrates Hemingway’s life in París in the 20s as an expatriate writer. You can read it 30 times.